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September 2, 1998: I added a real audio clip to the Sounds and Video section. Go and check it out, it is from Dr. Strange Child

September 1, 1998: I have added a Vr5 clip from the VR movie, go check it out in the sounds and video section. I got this clip from the Labyrith web site. He got the clip from Sydneys Apartment

August 28, 1998: I have added a new picture to the Picture Gallery. Go and check it out.

August 27, 1998: Also, I now have a simple Url, it is Http://vr5.cjb.net, the other one still works, this is just a smaller, simpler, fowarding adress.

August 27, 1998: I have added a Vr5 Java Chat. Go and check it out, hopefully people will go on it. I will try to be on it as often as possible. I have also added a new backround to my page. Please mail me one please.

August 24, 1998: Well, the second eposide of Vr5 aired on Space. Dr. Strange Child, I hope that the new airing of the show will help make it a little more popular.

August 19, 1998: First of all I would like to apoligse for not updating this page in a long time, but I lost motivoation. Any way, I have good news for Canadian fans of Vr5. Starting on Monday August 16, 1998, Vr5 airs on Space the Imagination Station. Space is a canadain science fiction channel which just started out months ago, and after long wait, finally airs this wonderful sci-fi drama.